The Organizers


As the slogan states, we would like to help young tennis players to reach their maximum sport potential.

Our experience with organizing of tournaments as well as coaching and managing tennis clubs has given us knowledge and new aspects in the growth and proper training of young tennis players.

Together with our worldwide network we are striving to build the largest tennis tournament circuit in the world for aspiring new players.

Are you interested in any kind of cooperation (organizer, partner) with Champions Bowl? For further details contact us!

Final Tournament

18. - 25. October 2015
Manavgat, Turkey
Starlight Convention Center Thalasso Sports & Spa 5* Resort

Champions Bowl in the World

Organizing countries

Austria Lena Sleik
Karolina Palatinus
Belarus Yuri Galkin
Belgium Tarek Francis
Bosnia Ivan Petkovic
Brasil Bruna Assemany
Bulgaria M & E Premium Consulting GmbH
Colombia Gabriel Nieto
Croatia Robert Brkljac
Egypt Hany Afifi
France Philippe Peroz
Germany Andrej Drinka
Ghana David Derhnick Coffie
Great Britain Hareen Wasantha
Greece Pandelis Moschoutis
Hungary Bogyo Tamas
Ireland Rob Turpin
Israel Assaf Ingber
Italy Mauro Biodo
Macedonia Ivan Petkovic
Mexico Javier Gaitan Estrada
Montenegro Ivan Petkovic
Netherlands Gerco Nijkamp
Nigeria Temituoyo Nzewi
Poland Robert Kosinski
Romania Eugen Ganescu
Serbia Ivan Petkovic
Slovenia Gregor Ficko
Spain Jose María Velasco
Gines Perez Martinez
Switzerland M & E Premium Consulting GmbH
Ukraine Maksym Kharchenko, Starttennis
USA / Florida Gabriel Nieto

Partner countries

In these countries we have partner tournaments where you can qualify from or a contact person.

Denmark Wanda Noelia Puntel
Japan Masato Sugita
Luxembourg Kathrin Noesen
Norway Markus Berg
Portugal Pedro Cartaxo
Sweden Good To Great Academy